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נפל בהגנה על כפר עזה

1979 - 2023

He fell in the defense of Kfar Gaza, when he fought with the standby squad
On the 22nd day of Tishrei HaSphad (07.10.2023).
Graduated from the Nov. 97 team in the Nahal Crow patrol.

On the morning of Black Shabbat, the late Uri Russo woke up to the sound of the alarms and went with his family to the MMD in their home in Kibbutz Kfar Gaza.
At the exact same time he received a message from the kibbutz chief that they should come to the armory and that this was a real incident.
Uri took his personal weapon and rode his bike towards the armory to get on equipment. When he and his friend the late Tal Ayalon realized that there were terrorists in the Idan family home, they rushed to get there.
Uri and Tal encountered terrorists, managed to eliminate some of them but fell in battle.
The last message that Uri sent was in the group of the standby class where he reports at 06:50 that he arrived at the armory.
At the same time, his family was still staying in MMD until the night they were rescued.
His family received the message about his fall about two days later on the ninth of October.
Uri left behind his parents - Panina and Yossi, three brothers - Sagit Maayan and Jonathan and his wife Dafna and his three daughters: Maya (13), Alona (11) and Ya'ala (9).
He was laid to rest in Kibbutz Ein Hashur.
His family tells of him that he was a strong man on the outside and soft on the inside, a sensitive and caring father.
A loving husband and the best friend in the world.
His mm play tells about him:
Rousseau. Uri Russo.
This is how Uri introduced himself the first time we met, the entire team in one tent in Tel Arad.
Uri was a fearless warrior. Strong, quiet, attentive, smart and punctual. He didn't say much and always did what was assigned to him perfectly without being lazy or complaining. He was the sharpshooter and we all trusted him with our eyes closed.
Uri was a true friend, gentle and sensitive and immediately ready to help. He had a rare talent for listening and giving advice.
His huge heart was open to anyone at any time. He had the ability to explain great things in simple words.
A man of friendship and family, exactly the person you would want by your side.
Uri fell in defense of his family and Kibbutz Kfar Gaza.
As a member of the emergency squad, Uri was one of the first to make contact with the terrorists. He was found with six bullets missing from his gun, and the bodies of six terrorists around him.
May his memory be blessed.

Major (acting) Uri Shimon Russo

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