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Orev Nahal Foundation 

The "Friends of Raven" foundation, established in 2013, was formed to aid soldiers during their active duty and reserve service and to assist wounded individuals and families of fallen soldiers. Managed by former unit members, the foundation has broadened its initiatives during the "Iron Swords" war to provide comprehensive support to soldiers in the field.

About Orev Nahal

The anti-tank unit of the Nahal Brigade is part of its elite reconnaissance platoon. The unit is trained to conduct observations, direct artillery fire, and mark high-value targets deep within enemy territory.

Soldiers are integrated into the extended Orev family, and we aim to strengthen a network of former soldiers who serve as a security network for soldiers beyond their military service.

Supporting soldiers move into civilian life

We work in coordination with the military mental health system to provide therapeutic support for combat experiences. Additionally, we work with injured officers to support bereaved families during difficult times.

Support and assistance for soldiers and bereaved families

The association maintains direct contact with the sergeants of regular and reserve companies, and purchases combat equipment for them. In addition to this, the association established Amalhia, which produces critical combat equipment for the Raven fighters.

Supplying combat equipment

How do we support
our soldiers?

Foundation emergency activities:

Since October 7th, we have maintained continuous contact with the teams in regular service and reserves, providing a response to all needs arising from the field. We purchase military equipment worth hundreds of thousands of shekels and have established an equipment production facility that produces professional combat equipment. In addition to caring for combat equipment, we organize workshops for processing combat experiences for soldiers who have lost team members and maintain continuous contact with the bereaved families of the unit.

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