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Fell in the defense of Kfar Gaza

1998 - 2023

It fell on the 22nd day of Tishrei HaSphad (07.10.2023).
Tal lived in Kfar Saba, a company commander in the 931st Battalion of the Nahal Brigade, 26 years old, he was in Noplo.

Tal began his career in the army when he enlisted in the Nahal Brigade in 2016, went to patrol formation, passed it successfully and was assigned to the Nahal Crow patrol fleet as part of the GDSAR. During his service, he went to the military officer course (shortly before the end of the course) and was assigned as a military officer in the 906 Bislah where he served as an instructor until he left for the officer course.
As an officer, Tal returned to the Raven Company and received under his command the Nov. 18 team and then continued to the next position in the company as the commander of the fighters of March 18 and from there he continued as the commander of a permanent crew in a patrol (March 17). On Sept. 20, he went to Maltak for two years where he studied for a bachelor's degree in education at the University of Haifa.
After the military coup, he was assigned as a police officer in the 931st battalion in the brigade where he replaced Roy Chappel.
Tal managed to hold the position of MP for about a year and was supposed to replace the late Major Roi Chappel again as the Raven MP about two weeks after 10/7/23.
On Black Shabbat (7.10.23) Tal Seger Shabbat together with his company in Carmi Tzur in Gush Etzion. At the beginning of the events in the south, he was jumped by his commanders and was accompanied by several soldiers.
Initially they joined the Magellan team in the Sderot area where a battle was going on, but when they realized that there were enough forces there they were jumped to the Kafr Gaza area.
On road 232 between Mefalim and Kfar Gaza they encountered an ambush, Magellan's team in cooperation with Tal's team fought against dozens of terrorists. Tal gave an order to unload from the vehicle, all his team members unloaded to the left side. Tal rowed into touch twice in the direction of the shot that came from the right. The second time he was shot by a bullet that penetrated the armpit area (uncovered area of the ceramic vest).
Tal managed to close the door and thus protected the driver and prevented him from being hurt. After 15 minutes in which they tried to treat Betel, without success, he was rushed to Barzilai Hospital. His death was determined there.
Tal was a gifted pianist, participated in competitions and concerts, a talented writer, witty, funny, loving people and very family oriented.
He loved the country and saw his military service as a kind of mission. As a commander, he instilled in his subordinates the values that are important to him: Zionism, humanity, excellence, respect for the person wherever he is.
As an educator at heart, he gave everyone the feeling that he was important to him and did everything to enable his soldiers to experience meaningful and valuable service.
Tal touched many people, each of his subordinates personally felt Tal's concern, care and devotion towards him. At every exit briefing, he instructed his soldiers to call their grandparents and demand their safety.
This is where Shira Assaf's project #בשחיל_על_עם grew from here as a reminder of the intergenerational connection that was so important to Tal.
He was an inspiration and served as a personal example for many.
Tal left behind his parents, 4 brothers, grandfather, family members and painful friends.

Of blessed memory

Captain Tal Groshka

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