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Fell in the battle of Sufa base

2002 - 2023

Fell on the 22nd day of Tishrei HaSphad (07.10.2023)
From Hosea, a fighter in the Orev Nahal patrol, 21 years old in Nofo.

The late Tomer was the liaison in the MPK under the command of the late Major Roi Chappel together with Roni Izigiev.
On the morning of the seventh of October, the team rose to alertness at dawn. While on standby, at 6:30 a.m., alarms began to fire toward the center and a barrage of rockets fired at the Otaf kibbutzim. Meanwhile, warnings were received by the observers that there might be an incident on the fence. The team goes to check and recognizes white vans that have penetrated from the fence area. Chapel and Tomer 7 It is reported in connection with the observation posts and the outpost that there is an intrusion and the start of a war.
During the drive on the axis, the team manages to evade shoulder-fired missiles (RPG) and return fire when at this time they see two white vans loaded with terrorists moving towards them, the late Tomer and the late Chapel fire a LA missile at them and hit both vans.
At that time, the team still did not understand the magnitude of the event and began to be happy, but soon realized that there were more terrorists passing in front of them, Chapel was enough to launch a tank into the fence area and Tomer received news from the connection that there was another team that came across a monument located between the outpost and Kibbutz Sofa.
They decide to join the team in the encounter and drive to them, on the way there they recognized many terrorists and therefore decided to flank them.
When they reached the point, they identified a terrorist stronghold. The terrorists shot at Uncle RPG's jeep and the side where the late Tomer was sitting was hit.
Chappell and Ronnie get out first and Tomer miraculously also manages to get out of the car and start fighting the terrorists. Chappell is shot and killed in the mishap and Tomer and Ronnie decide to pull Chappell back while they return fire at the terrorists.
During the battle Roni was shot in the leg and Tomer hit him with fire while kneeling due to the fact that he was hit by an RPG earlier. He also felt pain in his leg, but continued to take cover so that Roni could perform an EI. In an unusual way, they manage to retreat because they were exposed to the line of fire and managed to reach a mound behind a single tree to protect themselves from the shots. At the same time, the late Tomer loses consciousness and died of his internal injury.
The battle at the monument, the battle that preceded it and the early warning of the PAK to the rear saved many lives, the residents of the kibbutzim, the soldiers at the outpost and also helped the fighting of the additional teams that were encountered.

His brother says that Tomer was a happy and loved child. He wanted to go to the most combat service possible and they took him to a responsible position in the Crow Company. He was loved in his company. He was a playful boy, he liked to sit with his friends for long hours, he liked to play the guitar and sing, he liked the good life. He was in his last period of service and was due to be released soon.
Tomer fought in the monument in the storm, showed bravery in the battle and thanks to him and his friends there are many people who remained alive.

Of blessed memory

Sergeant Tomer Mizrahi

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