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נפל באסון המסוקים מעל שאר יישוב

1974 - 1997

Son of Paulina and Charles, a younger brother to Shimon, was born on the 22nd of Tashrei 1974 (October 8, 1974) in Tel Aviv-Yafo.
Gideon enlisted in the IDF in August 1995 as a lone soldier and served in the 9th Company of the Nach'al Brigade, Orev Nach'al. During his training his friends called him "Poison" - a combination of his last name and poison in English because he was "poisoned" on the army. Gideon was a serious, balanced and responsible warrior. He was a leader and used to solve problems in the team and because of this he was also nicknamed "the father of the team".

On the 28th day of Shavat 5777 (4.2.97) the helicopter disaster occurred over Shaar settlement where two helicopters that were on their way to Beaufort and Dalat bases in Lebanon collided. Gideon and his team were on their way to the Beaufort post. All 73 soldiers who were in the two helicopters perished.

Of blessed memory

First Sergeant Gideon Posner

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