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נפל בקרב על מוצב סופה

2002 - 2023

Fell in the 22nd year of Tishrei HaSphad (October 7, 2023)
Manir Yitzchak, a fighter in the Orev Nahal patrol, 21 years old in Nofo.

Son of Linda and Ilan. Born on the 28th day of Tammuz 5772 (7.7.2002) in Nir Yitzhak. A brother for Gal, Shani, Talia and a twin brother for Lior.
Ofir was born and raised in Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak in the Gaza Strip. He grew up and was educated in a kibbutz school and was a boy loved by everyone and had a captivating smile.
Ofir was always surrounded by many friends, lived in the moment and gained experiences through music. Ophir loved parties and trips with his friends.
Before his enlistment in the army, Ofir volunteered for a year of service at Beit Tef in Pardes Hana where he guided children and youth. His apprentices called him "the king" among other things because he served as an example and role model for them, an educator and a friend.
After the year of service, Ofir wanted to enlist in the Military Police, but ended up enlisting in the Nahal Brigade. Ofir went through the training, was assigned to the Nahal patrol and was assigned to the Crow fleet. Despite the difficulties in his service as a fighter, Ofir was always in the company of the team and they were intertwined. Ofir's parents say that when the members of the team came to visit, each of them said that Ofir was his best friend He gave each member the feeling that he was his best friend. Each member of the team experienced Ophir as a true friend.

Ofir devoured life, he was a stunner and always believed that he would be fine, he believed that his charisma and intelligence would get him out of anything. First we will act and then we will deal with the consequences.
Those around him also testify: he always gave them a sense of security. His world view that there is nothing to fear from anything was pleasant and served to reassure his close friends and those around him and that is how he lived.
One of Ofir's hobbies was telling people. He was a teller and so it turned out that he told his entire staff and team when they were at the base and thus also found the way to their hearts and deep friendships with those around him when they talked while getting haircuts.
Due to his great love and desire to enjoy life, he engaged in the production of parties in the kibbutz, large and expensive parties, the production of which he would do even when he was at the base. Ofir was helped by his brother and his friends and he always went down to the smallest details until he felt that he had reached the desired result of an invested and enjoyable event. At these events he would sometimes play the guitar due to his great love for music.
Ophir was hardworking, did not like to sleep and rest and was always busy.

In the last month and a half before his fall, Ophir held a line together with his team, the Amiron team, at the Sufa outpost. Since the outpost was right near the house, Nir Yitzhak, he would walk to the outpost from the house, and the house became a military headquarters: food for the staff and soldiers, treats and products made by his own hands. The last time he saw his family was on Thursday (5.10) when Ofir came to pick up Meat to do on the fire with the staff.

At 7.10 in the early morning hours, the invasion of the Sufa outpost began. Due to the early warning of the late Roi Chapel (HMP) the soldiers at the outpost were quickly prepared for combat. Ophir, who was the medic, began to treat the wounded soldiers of the 50th Battalion while the late Gali Shakotai and the late Nachman Dekel covered him over the late Amit Most. But finally Ofir fell in battle while treating the wounded alongside the late Amit Most, his fellow unit member.

Despite the fact that the Nohva terrorists penetrated the base and even that the logical choice was to enter the protected space in the dining room, Ofir consciously chose to put himself at risk in order to treat the wounded. Ophir paid for it with his life and saved the lives of others.
Of blessed memory.

Sergeant Ofir Melman

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